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什么样的空间可以让人沉静?什么样的空间可以让都市人放下防备,慢慢进入另一个禅思的世界?什么样的空间既要满足办公还可以很安静。今天合肥商业店面装修公司龙美小编为大家推荐的Rainbow Arches禅修空间旗舰店装修设计,就是满足上述所有要求的多元化商业空间。What kind of space can make people calm? What kind of space can let urban people put down their guard and slowly enter another world of meditation? What kind of space can satisfy both office and quiet、 Today, the decoration design of Renbow Arches meditation space flagship store recommended by Hongyutang Xiaobian of Zhengzhou Commercial Store Decoration Company is a diversified commercial space that meets all the above requirements、

对于原有空间的结构和平面,最高效的平面布局是将业主所要求的不同类型空间井然有序的沿着塔楼玻璃幕墙侧排布成各个小房间,但我们更希望将这里打造成动静自如,能弹性使用并具有灵动氛围的空间场所,营造一个人在空间的流动和行为仿如在探索未知事物的感觉。For the structure and plane of the original space, the most efficient plane layout is to arrange the different types of space required by the owner orderly along the glass curtain wall side of the tower into small rooms, but we would like to create a dynamic and static space, flexible use and a dynamic atmosphere, creating a person in the building、 The flow and action of space are like the feeling of exploring the unknown、

前期在经过一系列与业主方的概念交流之后,我们在给定的空间范围里植入了一个能承载复合多元活动的蛋形空间,使这个空间成为整个项目的核心。这个蛋形空间时而封闭时而敞开的状态,完全可以根据活动和使用的需求来制定它的使用方式。平时它可以作为总部员工的大会议室和培训教室,甚至成为外来访客的禅修打坐空间或其他娱乐活动发生的场地。After a series of conceptual exchanges with the owners in the early stage, we implanted an egg-shaped space in a given space scope that can carry multiple activities, making this space the core of the whole project、 This egg-shaped space is sometimes closed and sometimes open, and its use can be determined according to the needs of activities and use、 Usually, it can be used as a conference room and training room for headquarters staff, and even as a meditation space or other entertainment venue for foreign visitors、


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