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Contemporary art is a mainstream of the edge of a group of people who are held in a place to visit their marginalised ways of life、 The project is located in the center of the Beijing Art Center and is a part of the central part of the UCCA Urens Contemporary Art Center to become the center of the children's art、 Next, please follow Zhengzhou Training and Decoration Co、, Ltd、 to enjoy their indoor decoration design、

UCCA尤伦斯当代艺术中心二至四层空间进行梳理,根据UCCA自身属性的综合性和独特的认知角度,设计让整个空间都以白色为主基调。建筑的二层为UCCA 儿童艺术中心,面向2-11 岁儿童,旨在通过引导儿童对艺术的感知、思考、创造及表达,每一层的走廊都贯穿了整层的行为动线,优先所需功能的丰富度,优化各功能的体验品质。

In the two to four-story space of UCCA Urens Contemporary Art Center, according to the comprehensive and unique cognitive angle of the UCCA's own attributes, the whole space is designed to be a white key、 The second floor of the building is the UCCA Children's Art Center, which faces 2-11-year-old children, which is designed to guide the perception, thinking, creation and expression of art through the guide of the children, and the corridors of each layer penetrate through the whole layer of the behavior line, give priority to the richness of the function, and optimize the experience quality of each function、


With UCCA's VI system as the core of the waiting area for parents, there are 11 parent-child and children's education classes on the left and right sides, each classroom combines the privacy created by the building, forming the educational independence, and at the same time integrating into the whole space、 The designer created a prop module that can be used for various courses, consisting of four different length components, connectors、 It can expand and contract freely according to the actual needs by using the synergistic method、


The corridor has the brand culture at the same time has the employee leisure area, runs through the flat floor to the floor restriction, each local space opens, lets the different space seamless cooperation work、 Each space cleverly connects another space in different forms, allowing employees, investors, and foreign visitors to travel freely in a space with clear vision、 Stand here, let time go by, when the light flows through the sunrise window, the old is completely old, the new is completely new, and the present and the future are condensed in the same space、


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