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The group headquarters building project is located in the high tech Zone, with an indoor area of 3500 square meters and a total of five floors、 It is a comprehensive commercial exhibition office center integrating headquarters office, brand display, cosmetics trade and parallel import vehicle exhibition and sales、 Combining with the industry characteristics and enterprise tenet of the project side, the office building decoration design refines four key words: avant-garde, smart, quality and health, organically connects the building of internal space with the enterprise brand image, creates a space with avant-garde spirit and a sense of future through minimalist design techniques and innovative material process details, and shows the era image of the headquarters of science and technology-based commercial groups 。


The design of the display part of the imported car is simple and lively、 The three glass curtain walls introduce abundant natural light and landscape into the interior, bringing the space experience of atmospheric permeability、 The suspended ceiling of the leisure negotiation area in the mezzanine is made of mirror stainless steel, which is avant-garde and fashionable in metal texture, and increases the height of space visually、


The office area from the second to the fourth floor adopts the intensive and diversified space combination form to improve the office efficiency: the partition wall part adopts the steel plate wall hanging system of quick installation, which is convenient for installation, environmental protection, and beautiful sound insulation; the ceiling part presents the shape of the group company's logo to strengthen the brand image; the application of strip air outlet makes the ceiling more concise and exquisite、


The confidential office area on the fifth floor is equipped with password equipment, which is only open to some personnel to ensure internal security、 Because it has the functions of enterprise achievement display and executive meeting, the decoration company of the headquarters office building of the professional group makes use of the material characteristics of acrylic artificial stone to make a dynamic space and increase the interest of the space、 The partition wall of the large conference room is designed as six turnstiles to make the space more transparent and hierarchical、


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