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长颈鹿美语培训机构新校区位于上海目前最为热门的晶耀前滩首层,面朝最热闹的文化广场,同时也兼具公共文化的展示功能。 教育培训机构装修公司在“鹿头”的两侧区域设置了270度的环形橱窗,将戏剧舞台与悬浮的图书馆空间变为天然的展示橱窗,成为了前滩版块令人惊艳的公共文化展示空间。

The new campus of giraffe American language training institution is located on the first floor of the most popular Jingyao foreshore in Shanghai, facing the most bustling Cultural Square, and also has the function of displaying public culture、 The decoration company of education and training institutions has set up 270 degree circular window on both sides of "deer head", which turns the theater stage and suspended library space into a natural display window and becomes an amazing public culture display space in the front beach、

流动的篇章 — 层层递进的沉浸式学习之旅:抽象起伏的流线是本次教育培训机构装修设计的核心。以功能与体验导向,设计师为孩子们设计了一组充满想象力的动线,并命名为“流动的篇章”。开放式舞台、戏剧教室、图书馆被巧妙结合起来,如同一本吸引人去不断探索的魔法之书,吸引着孩子们不断地进行探索与发现更多乐趣。

The flowing chapter - the step-by-step immersive learning journey: abstract and fluctuating streamline is the core of the decoration design of this education and training institution、 Guided by function and experience, the designer designed a group of imaginative moving lines for children and named them "flowing chapters"、 Open stage, drama classroom and library are cleverly combined, just like a magic book that attracts people to explore constantly, which attracts children to explore and find more fun、


The creativity of the designer in this case integrates the detailed and systematic analysis and research, and the digital construction technology challenges the characteristics of materials in the decoration design of this education and training institution, so that different materials and parts with different curvature and functions of the stage can smoothly transition naturally、 It not only meets the functional requirements through continuous geometric characteristics, but also coordinates with the patterns of furniture and flooring, providing users with a unified and multi-level experience different from other spaces、 With the help of digital building technology, the project construction can restore the simulation space of design to a higher degree, and can also be completed in a short period of time through block assembly, effectively saving construction costs、


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