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乐园主题沉浸式体验 鱼来坊连锁餐饮店面装修设计

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For the decoration design of chain restaurants, striking logo and impressive store design are the first step of brand building、 Yulaifang Chongqing Xingguang Times Square store, as the image display of the brand's flagship store, retains the orange and black color matching of the main vision at the entrance, bringing fashion and enthusiasm to the whole space、 Professional restaurant decoration companies strive to create the IP image of "fish boyfriend", strengthen brand recognition and penetration, and provide a completely immersive and theme park like catering experience, so as to easily capture the hearts of young female customers、 Now let's enjoy it together with hongyutang, a small editor of Zhengzhou restaurant decoration company!


Entering the store, the bright color layout, as well as the combination of rigid and soft materials, give a refreshing sensory experience、 The combination of curve and straight line enhances the sense of space and creates a fashionable and simple visual experience、 The use of mirror ceiling reduces the sense of depression in the low empty area, and its reflection function also presents a colorful and dramatic visual effect for customers、


The interlacing of point light source and spherical art device between the virtual and the real is divided by material, light and color to increase the three-dimensional effect, while breaking the monotony and crowding brought by large area of solid color, making the space more flexible and interesting、 Lay a lively space tone, weaken the background of the rendering, the whole dining space in the fusion of fashion and art show their own personality、

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