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成都半山餐吧 一家时髦创意川菜馆装修设计分析

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In 2005, the first villa in Chengdu was a beautiful garden、 No one didn't know "Banshan restaurant"、 At that time, young people in Chengdu, who were in pursuit of fashion, were willing to go to the "half mountain restaurant" to experience western Chinese food - Western tableware and environment carrying authentic Sichuan food、 Boiling mandarin fish, salted white, Mapo Tofu, a signature dish with the flow of time to this day、 The old shop is newly installed, and is located in upark Park, the city's South lifestyle center、 Today, I will follow the decoration company of Zhengzhou restaurant hongyutang to enjoy the decoration design case of this fashionable and creative Sichuan restaurant!


The use of bright colors in a large area of the restaurant, like mineral pigments, ochre, malachite, and bluecopper, is colored layer by layer, which gives a detailed picture、 Under the light, the artistic glass changes in many ways, like a shell like a river ripple, with the characteristics of mountains and rivers, and is gorgeous、 More with the stone desktop form echo, plus the color of bright seats, the whole space luxury magnificent, from a school、


According to the literature, marble was first excavated in the period of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty、 Because it was hidden in the Cangshan Mountain of Dali, it was named marble、 After the Tang Dynasty, there were marble paintings in the court of successive dynasties, "Cang mountain has 19 steep peaks, and the haze in the evening is like a white rainbow"、 The curtain and wall of the private room are all peacock blue, and the bottom is inlaid with bright yellow, revealing the royal style of Xuanang、 The chandelier is unconventional, with special metal lampshade, which makes the light soft and graceful, like petals fluttering in the air、 A large area of French windows reveals the rarity of interaction between indoor and outdoor landscape、 In the design language, the important form of "virtual and real contrast" is also added、

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