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Cherry blossom, the national flower of Japan, always appears in the design of Japanese catering space from time to time, which is unavoidably conventional、 But today, the design of the hot pot Japanese Restaurant recommended by hongyutang, a restaurant decoration company in Zhengzhou, is a new way to bring people different dining experience、 The cold winter makes people look forward to the view of petals flying all over the sky when spring comes、 In Japanese culture, eating under dancing petals in spring is an important annual activity, which is called hanami (see flowers)、 Based on this, the high-end Japanese hotpot restaurant, located in the core of Chaoyang District, Beijing, hopes to create an atmosphere of sitting under flowers by design、


On private rooms, open kitchen bars and loose seats are randomly distributed around the rooms、 The tables and chairs and the mini garden at the entrance of the private room are interspersed in the space between the private rooms to ensure the privacy of the guests、 In addition, the ceiling with a height of 8 meters is effectively used to divide it into two square boxes, the upper part is a private room, the upper part hides the air conditioning and ventilation equipment in the public area and the private room, while the socket is installed at a lower position、


Although there are many box like bodies scattered in the space, they are compact and continuous, and they are very oppressive in the far view, but by reducing the scale of other elements in the space, after stepping into the interior, it brings the same cordiality as walking in Japanese alleys、 I sincerely hope that every guest who comes here can enjoy the wonderful experience of dining in this space、


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