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Archetype Russia is the world's leading manufacturer and solution provider in the field of ceramic plate, quartz plate and artificial stone、 The company is committed to the research and development of innovative materials and modern production solutions、 Today, Zhengzhou office decoration company wants to share with you its office and material exhibition hall in Moscow、 The office is transformed from the old building、 The reconstructed building has certain restrictions on the building load、 Therefore, one of the challenges for the office design team is to evenly distribute the material display to avoid overloading the local area load、


In this square rectangular pattern, the professional office design team uses simple space perspective to create a space with a strong sense of design、 Spatial perspective is a common visual phenomenon, and has a huge impact on our perception of space、 At the same time, with simple black and white, to show the development vision of the brand、


High and open and bright space, the primary task of design is to attract people's attention to the displayed products, and carefully observe the products from multiple angles and light, so the whole floor and wall are made of large-scale plates、 The main display area displays the latest plate series、 In order to highlight these display samples, the surrounding areas are set off with simple black and white、


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