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本案是房地产开发商First Gulf位于加拿大多伦多的新办公室,由国际知名办公装修设计团队打造。黑白灰极其简练的空间设计语言和整体配色,塑造了一个优雅精致且开放多元的工作环境,完美体现了企业的工作文化与品牌形象。

This case is the new office of first Gulf, a real estate developer, located in Toronto, Canada, which is built by an internationally renowned office decoration design team、 The extremely simple space design language and overall color matching of black, white and gray create an elegant, exquisite and open working environment, which perfectly embodies the working culture and brand image of the enterprise、

First Gulf拿下一个楼层来安放其180名员工,包括施工、租赁、行政和营销团队。客户希望创建一个能传达优雅、创意、可持续性和社区性的空间。开放而多元的功能规划、充足的自然光照、令人惊叹的城市景观成为空间的背景画面,自由开敞的流畅视线将办公文化展露无余,让员工站在更高的角度审视自己所从事的工作,更好的为之奋斗。

First Gulf takes a floor to house its 180 employees, including construction, leasing, administration and marketing teams、 Customers want to create a space that conveys elegance, creativity, sustainability and community、 Open and diversified functional planning, sufficient natural lighting and amazing urban landscape become the background of the space、 The free and open and smooth vision reveals the office culture, so that employees can look at their work from a higher perspective and strive for it better、


The exposed ceiling is neat and uniform、 The glass room with rounded corners and exquisite carpet outline a high-end, elegant and comfortable space atmosphere、 Open work stations, transparent independent compartments and private rooms without reservation are planned in an orderly and balanced way in the whole space, which not only enhances the line of sight communication among employees, but also encourages closer communication and cooperation among employees from multiple aspects、


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