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In the era of online red card punching, more and more restaurants pursue small and beautiful consumption experience、 Small, does not affect the creativity of designers, but can stimulate more surprises、 Today, Zhengzhou restaurant decoration company hongyutang small edition brings you the design recommendation of small-scale characteristic Catering: Thirteen decoration schemes of Chongqing Jianghu restaurant!


I think all of them have seen the lake clear as a mirror in the movies and TV plays、 The water is surrounded by mountains、 In the boundless bamboo sea, the breeze caresses and passes by、 The rustle of bamboo leaves is mingled with the noise of swords and swords of Jianghu people、 Restaurant designers use modern space thinking mode to imitate mountains with dried bamboo and wrap dried bamboo with withered rattan to extend a regular space subject and build a complete space form、 The red brick wall at the entrance and the flexible structure in the interior make the space rigid and flexible contrast、


The growth of bamboo was originally disordered and disordered, turning "bamboo" into mountain arch, or connecting or interrupting or occluding or clamping, resulting in continuous and orderly spatial form、 The arch and the members of different shapes and scales limit the space covered and the space divided without any perceptual communication、


A section of dried rattan skin is wound on the pole piece, each rattan skin is different in length, and the texture difference at the joint of head and tail is just right to draw up the gradual rise of "bamboo nodes"、 At the same time, the 4 mm wide rattan skin makes all the "bamboo" skins have a rich texture sense、 For the large-area visual surface of the space, the designer uses rammed earth and red brick to express the simple style and heroic texture of the space、


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