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As the office space of the interior design company, in order to show its creative nature, the designer tries to use rough raw materials and bold colors to shape the industrial style with full visual sense; in the overall space theme laid out in calm colors, red cultural brick walls and red curtains become the visual focus, which points out the lively and unrestrained field situation、 In addition, in order to create a professional and international image of the company, the office designer embellishes the space section with the world map and the earth modeling decoration, symbolizing the corporate vision with a great dream、


To create a functional pattern of integration of living and operation, how to make the public and private fields clearly defined, and how to meet the functional requirements of both work and rest modes at the same time, is really testing the designer's design ability、 Therefore, office designers use L-shaped moving line planning to connect office areas, meeting areas and other work areas, while private areas are cleverly hidden in the gap of L-shaped moving line through red brick walls, creating a reasonable and smooth moving line、


The main bedroom behind the red brick wall is hidden by a piece of door covered by a wooden door frame、 When entering the main bedroom space, the interior design is even more unique、 Office decoration time: the company takes off the general bedroom function planning, especially the semi open design to define the bathroom function and dressing space, which completely breaks the traditional design thinking; in terms of style, it makes a clear division between the academic style and public domain with unique personality、 The designer especially uses dark blue paint with black wall lamp to create a charming and lazy deep breath, so that people can work After a day's tiredness, you can fully relax yourself physically and mentally、


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