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The dream of incubating the designer with design is the warm image conveyed by the office design company in the base of this case、 Looking for the hollowed out iron signboard, the design center in the shopping mall declares the sense of existence with a washing chain、 At the entrance, the square rules are broken, and the large arc-shaped moving line is guided by the splicing of fir grille and wood floor plate, eliminating the restriction of rectangular pattern, and at the same time, the vision has the most endless extension、 Today, Zhengzhou hongyutang decoration small series for you to share is a good mix and match style office decoration design case!


In the office space, in order to express the concrete and subtle residential imagination, the living room like interactive area is equipped with multi-functional middle island bar, and the arrangement of steam oven, coffee machine and wine cabinet allows the leisure and relaxation time during the negotiation, while the busy office space is closed behind the barrier, which makes the dream and dream have a perspective、


Due to the inability to adjust the pipeline configuration of the ceiling part, the office decoration company uses the black and dense bottom plate as the line to echo the rhythm of the sky and the earth to produce the decoration effect、 The size of the book wall design, so that the placement and furnishings have more freedom、 The dressing room behind the main wall is in two forms: fully open and door piece、 The sliding door made of large mirror in the negotiation area reflects the horizontal space and contains storage room、


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