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"Nicha" means "hello" in Tujia language、 The design style of the restaurant with Tujia cuisine as its feature is natural and simple, and the decoration is integrated with the traditional national art elements、 Now let's enjoy the Tujia style together with hongyutang, a decoration company of Zhengzhou restaurant!


Red brick is widely used in facade, interior wall and floor of restaurant design、 In order to restore the style of the original building to the greatest extent, the designer retained most of the old brick walls and made a few new ones according to the functional requirements、 Hot rolled steel plate is used as the steel structure material of the restaurant, and the gray and black oxidized steel plate is natural and thick、 Red brick shall be reserved for the interior wall, and warm grey plaster shall be applied to the area from the upper wall to the ceiling slab to cover the traces of the wire routing and increase the space brightness、


The second floor of the restaurant is divided into two compartments and a public dining area according to the original structure of the building、 In the decoration design, green tiles and red ceramic tiles are used to give each compartment its own decoration theme、 The terrace floor is also paved with red brick, which is consistent with the parapet、 The bulb lamp on the wall echoes the theme of the interior line、 Customers can sit on the terrace and have a look at the big fence or the busy street view of Yangmei Zhuxie street、


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