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JE北京,意为Just Enjoy,极简的餐厅名,诠释的却是极为丰富的哲思。结庐人境,美馔当前,无论中式还是西式,不拘古典还是现代,悦享,就是对食与境最大的褒奖。“先锋设计兼备有仪式感体验的时尚空间“是设计师对品牌的要求,思维碰撞下,灵感由此诞生。下面就跟随合肥餐厅装修公司龙美小编一起来欣赏设计感极强的简约工业风高端餐饮店面装修设计方案!

Je Beijing, which means just enjoy, is a very simple restaurant name, but it is a very rich interpretation of philosophy、 At present, no matter Chinese style or western style, regardless of classical or modern style, enjoying is the biggest praise for food and environment、 "Avant-garde design and fashion space with ritual experience" is the designer's demand for the brand、 Under the collision of thinking, inspiration is born、 Following the Zhengzhou restaurant decoration company hongyutang Xiaobian together to enjoy the simple industrial style high-end restaurant decoration design with a strong sense of design!


The floor of the original space is demolished by the designer、 A metal staircase is set up in the grand space, which is rocked up and connected with the outdoor terrace on the second floor, making the overall moving line quite like the Royal Garden gallery bridge、 The color of the stairs is Chinese red, and the shape and meaning come from the ribbon、 The light on the stairs is like the freehand outline of the gold thread、 Standing in the space, it is an aesthetic sculpture in itself、 This "Chinese Red Ribbon" dominating the whole space is full and consistent, which makes the space full of tension、 The balance between hardness and softness, warmth and simplicity, serenity and boldness、


The red staircase is the soul, and JE Beijing's catering space is also separated from exquisite levels、 As far as the eye can see, there is no rigid shelter、 Half enclosed space is inspired by Chinese style courtyard、 With low walls, high back sofas, tables and chairs of different shapes, even light and shadow, a small settlement is naturally formed in the overall layout, and its multiple atmosphere also meets the needs of different dining scenes、


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